Verizon Voyager and Venus Available For Pre-Orders

November 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

verizon logo

The iPhone hype has now plateaued.  User reviews have their positives and negatives and Hollywood has already had their share of it.  Now I guess it’s time for the iPhone killers to take the market.

Sure they aren’t as flashy but these babies from LG really punch innovation-wise and price wise.  Verizon today, after losing millions to AT&T when Apple signed on with them for the exclusive distribution of iPhones, is finally taking orders  for what they expect and hope to be their savior this year.  The LG Venus and the LG VOyager are two mobile handsets Verizon will have for themselves to counter the iPhone.  The new handsets are technologically at par with the iPhone and after studying the flaws of the Apple gadget, LG has made its improvements.

Personally I think the Voyager is a much better device than the iPhone.  Financially speaking it’s cheaper too.  The Venus will hit stores for $199 a piece and the Voyager for $299.  Both handsets will come with a locked 2-year subscription with Verizon of course.

The thing about Apple is that they keep things exclusive all the time.  It’s like when you have an Apple, it’s only as good as what Apple says it would be.  With other  brands however, the PC, Creative and LG among others, you can do so much more and compatibility is free.  This is why I think the LG Voyager and Venus will be better than the coveted iPhone.