YouTube Allows Multiple Uploads Up to1gb

November 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

You Tube

Youtube the world’s largest video sharing site has been really behind when it came to uploading features of its service.  Users were only allowed to upload videos one at a time using a web interface.  The sadder thing about that was it had a limit of up to 100MB per upload only.

Today, Youtube has taken some steps in the direction Google video  had quite a while ago.  YOuTube released thir desktop uploaded application.  This allows users to upload video files in bulk.  Every multiple upload can size up to 1GB.  However, individual videos will still be limited to 10 minutes each.  The advantage of all the size is that more high quality video will now be available on YouTube.

The uploader is now only available for Windows users but a Mac version will be coming soon.

With this new feature, video archiving will now be easier with YouTube.  The only problem they’ll have to adjust is the length of videos.  Recall that the 10 minute limit was set back when they started up.  Now that they have all teh resources in the world, YouTube could perhaps take out the limit and allow users to rchive content on their servers.