Songza, Simple Music Search

November 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It’s been a while since a service caught my eye and made me want to write about it.  Today is a lucky day for that startup.

Songza is a music search engine.  Now, here’s a little background of what I do when I want to listen to something on internet.   More often than not, the song I want to listen to is from a soundtrack of some TV show that I ‘m watching.  Usually, it’s also an old TV series that isn’t being broadcast anymore.   WhatI do so I can zero in on the song is I’ll first search Amazon for the soundtrack album to get the song listing.   Then when I get the artist and song, I head to YouTube  and driectly search.  Of course when I click on the video, the related vieos are a bunch of similar videos that aren’t really relevant to my search.  So, after I scan a dud video I’ve to click on back and find my song.

Today thanks to Webware, I was introduced to Songza.  What Songza does is automate my whole process of searching YouTube for music.   Songsza crawls YouTube’s music API and returns only the results under the music category.  This means all the hits on the Songza SERP is music.

Furthermore, songs on the SERP of Songza are playable right there with no need to go to YouTube.  So it’s all good and it cuts down my tedious process into 2 parts, search Amazon then search Songza.

An issue raised by the Webware article I read was the legality of the Songza system.  Well, I’m no lawyer but all I know is that copyright music on YouTube is illegal in the first place.  But since it is there, I quess anybody or any software is allowed to search it and play it legally.  The only illegal activity is on the source.  But who am I to care?  As long as it’s there, I’m going to enjoy it.