Google Want to Acquire Wireless Spectrum

November 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The buzz around the web is that Google is planning to make a bold and ambitious acquisition of a wireless frequency for their own.

Google has dominated the web since the first bubble burst.  Their phenomenal search engine has been the backbone of virtually everybody’s internet life.  Since their success in search, Google has made its billions and transcended into the ads delivery business and they have been the domniating force there since and making the internet practically their own marketplace.

As if the internet was not enough, Google has recently launched Android , a mobile platform allowing developers to tinker away and create a whole new array of mobile applications for mobile phones and devices using 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.  Android is a bold move that will make mobile communications boom a lot faster than the platforms Telecommunications companies have made available to the public in the past 10 years.  Imagine allowing the public take over and go wild over the mobile applications wothout the telcos keeping the margins.  It’s like putting the Web2.0 phenomenon on a mobile phone.

So far that’s what Android will do theoretically if the telecommunications giants allow. But Google is planning to break free of the rules the telcos limit them by building their own telecommunications network/platform.  This is why the search engine giant is raising funds to buy a piece of the airwaves and cut out the telcos by bringing the end users and developers  and mobile technologies together in one huge market space where they will be smack down in the middle selling ads.

It’s a great plan actually.  If Google does get a significant chunk of 700Mhz spectrum, it’s bye bye  AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.  Users will now be subscribing to Google for the mobile phones and using their Android-based applications just like users dropped all other search engines over Google Search (not the best analogy but I hope you get the point).  Moreover, just like how Google took control over the web with their search engine that at first I never could imagine how they made money off of it, they’ll be selling their ads like Adsense over their 700MHz wireless spectrum.

The buzz going around these days is, how much is Google willing to pay for the rights to the wireless frequency?   Wall Street Journal reports $4.6 Billion or even more if that’s what it takes.  Sources also say that Google is planning to make the bid alone with no telecommunications partners.