Facebook Changing Status Message

November 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Facebook will be changing "is" status message.

The move was preempted by the "Petition to Get Rid of “is” from Facebook Status Update!” Facebook group who say

"We can’t stand the fact that Facebook forces you to use the word “is” in your status update. Join this group to tell Facebook to remove “is” from status updates. No more “John Smith is wanting ice cream”. Instead, the much easier and nicer: “John Smith wants ice cream”.

Well, Facebook management will be giving them what they want after getting 160,00 votes to change the status message.

This development on the popular social network does not come as a surprise to me since I’ve had my own episodes of wanting to say something without the "is".  However, I kind of found it an interesting and comfortable trademark of Facebook status messages.   Fortunately, facebook will not be totally abolishing the "is" but they willbe allowing other verbs to be used.