German Court Allows iPhone to Be Sold by Other Networks

November 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

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The iPhone is a gadget not easy nor cheap to get a hold of. In the US, subscribers are only allowed to acquire teh iPhone from AT&T, O2 in London, and in Germany, T-mobile. Apple’s exclusivity policy is what keeps the iPhone on a comfortable spot in the market. However, many other countries and networks have been against this exclusivity and are pushing for changes in the marketing strategy of the iPhone.

I’ve written earlier that there are issues impeding the release of the iPhone in China next year. Also there was some mentioning of the bricking and hacking of the iPhone for use on other networks. Moreover, the French have been stern in their policy of allowing the iPhone to be sold in their country under any network. Recently, there was a court order in Germany that is inclining to have the iPhone sold other German networks as well.

The complaint originated from Vodafone Deutscheland, they appealed to the German courts that the exclusivity of the iPhone to T-mobile was against German laws. The courts complied by issuing an order that T-mobile revise their marketing strategy of the iPhone by indroducing more subscription plans and allowing the iPhone to be sold by other networks with or without subscription contracts.

This comes as good news to other German mobile carriers and the German public as well. However T-Mobile has a counter appeal to lift the order but the hearing won’t be until 2 weeks.

Vodafone Deutscheland, being a UK-based subsidiary, has stated that they will not be replicating this appeal in the UK or the US due to the different laws. Meanwhile, it’s open season on the iPhone in Germany.