Things We Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving 2007

November 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am


Happy Thanksgiving!  First off before you click another link and decide not to read the rest of this entry:  Thank You, for visiting.

Now, if you would indulge me, here are some things on the web I am thankful for:

Project Free TV – there’s is just no possibility that I’ll be able to watch all the movies I want in theaters.

TV-Links –  Though they’re gone, I still owe them so much.

BitTorrent – Copyright sucks, BitTorrent rules. 

Yahoo Mail –  my longest running emaiol provider.

Yahoo Messenger – my IM client of choice, nothing special it’s just that most of my friends use it.

Pidgin – my second choice for IM

AIM – for the boss. 

Gmail – While Yahoo Mail is for fun, my Gmail is for the serious things.

AOL Mail – this is for my spam, sorry. 

Tumblr – of all the blog platforms I had to choose this for my personal use, so simple. 

TechJournal – pays the bills.

Engadget – fuels the imagination. 

TechCrunch , Mashable , Read/Write Web , Somewhat Frank – keeps me updated.

PE Hub – money updates 

Squirrel Mail -the most reliable email sercer I’ve had.

Mozilla Firefox – browser of choice.

Friendster – my first social network and where most of my friends are.

Facebook – more friends.

Multiply – pictures.

Flickr – more pictures.

KillerStartups – the latest sites.

Google Reader – my only RSS aggregator.

VLC Media Player –  lightweight player.

KLM Codec Pack – most comprehensive codec package.

FooBar2000 – lightest music player.

FoxIT Reader – I had to trade up my Adobe Acrobat, this one’s way too light, amazing.

LinkedIn – professional contacts.

YouTube – need I say more?

Wikipedia – all the information I need.

IMDB – celebrity stalking engine.

Wink – people search engine, stalking machine! 

…  I’ll add more when I remember..   Thank You Web2.0!