Zoho Writer Goes Offline

November 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Zoho today announced that their online word processor Zoho Writer will have fu;; functionality offline.

Earlier this year Zoho introduced the Zoho Writer web application as a viable substitute for MS Word. the online application however had limited offline functionality which incluided viewing and … actually just viewing (pretty useless). Today’s announcement changes all that.

Zoho Writer is now capable of working completely offline through Google Gears. Creating Editing and Reading new documents thorough Zoho Writer Offline works like any other desktop word processor except that when you go online, the files are automatically synchronised in your Zoho account. This feature effectively cuts a couple of steps when backing up files online.

The funny thing is that Zoho utilizes Google Gears for its offline functionality while Google Appshave yet to release their offline functionality suite.

The bigger issue here is, what will happen to MS Word? Zoho already has a comfortable user base and a complete online suite complete with applications to compete with Microsoft Office. So, when Zoho makes their office suite functional offline, will that spell total disaster for Microsoft? We can only wait because we alll know that Microsoft is already in teh process of making theri Office suite more accessibler online and offline.