Gdrive, It’s Coming

November 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am


Google, according to the Wallstreet Journal, is planning to roll out an online storage service.  This however is not new news, rumors have been going around for quite some time now regarding the search engine giant’s online storage service, Platypus or GDisk or Gdrive as many has called the app.  The news is, when the service will be made available to the public.  According to the WSJ, Gdrive may be available in as little as a few months from today.

Google however has not confirmed nor denied this. A spokesperson said, "storage is an important component of making Web [applications] fit easily into consumers’ and business users’ lives."   All we know is that there will be ample space for a free accounts and a whole lot more for paid accounts.

This announcement from the WSJ has re-lit the flames of the rumor going around Google’s online storage and many bloggers have welcomed the news as a good thing.  Though there are already many online storage services, when Google enters the niche, it suddenly becomes hard to compete.  Furthermore, with Google wide range of online apps, it’s not hard to imagine how an online storage service will play its position with Google’s exeisting web and mobile products.

Yesterday, ZohoWriter released their offline functionality demonstrating new possiblities of how Google Gears can be utilized online and offline.  When GDrive comes to play, it won;t be a surprise that it will utilize the same offline functionalitites.