Google Maps is a Killer

November 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

my location

Cannibalism. Google Maps today released an additional layer to their maps, terrain. This new feature on Google Maps is not new on Google Earth, in fact, Earth has been using the layer since their first version.

Unfortunately Google earth isn’t as accessible as Maps since it is a desktop program and Google would definitely choose to pamper their online version hence the introduction of the Terrain layer to Maps is a step towards making Google Earth completely online. In short, Earth has its days numbered. But don’t worry, EArth is still a long way from extinction.

Another service Google Maps will be making obsolete is the GPS device. Today, Google Maps Mobile introduced the feature, My Location. It isn’t as precise as a GPS coordinate set but does serve the same purpose. With My Locations, any mobile phone will become a GPS-like device telling users their position on a Google Map. But again, don’t worry, MyLocations is limited to using triangulation between cell sites to determine a user’s location with in 500-5000 meters. However, if and when the technology of My Location pars that of GPS, it will take out a big chunk of the GPS market.