Man Killed by Cellphone Battery Explosion

November 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am


A South Korean man was apparently killed when his mobile phone’s battery exploded in his chest pocket.

The man was found in dead at work in a quarry this Wednesday morning with his phone melted in his chest pocket.  Police assumed that the battery exploded.  However it hasn’t been confirmed as the cause of death.

The phone and battery were made by LG Electronics, one of the biggest consumer electronics companies native to South Korea.  They confirmed that it was their product found at the scene but claimed that a battery explosion was virtually impossible.

This story only raises issues so far.  What was the cause of death?  Can a battery explode?  Can a battery explosion like that kill?  Under what circumstances can the battery explode if ever?   And so on..

Furthermore, this story of gadget mishap isn’t alone, there have also been reports of iPods  catching fire and even batteries exploding.  All issues have however been hushed, reported but not followed up.  Two possiblities: the companies are covering it up, or they just aren’t true.