T-Mobile Regains Exclusive Rights to The iPhone in Germany

December 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

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Two weeks ago, we covered the issue in Germany regarding the injunction filed by Vodafone against T-Mobile.  Basically, Vodafone wanted a piece of the pie and the courts ruled in their favor, then .

Today was the date of the hearing for Deutsche Telekom’s (T-mobile’s subsidiary) appeal and with not much drama, the iPhone is back in the chain links of T-Mobile. 

Chris-Oliver Schickentanz, head of research at Dresdner Bank AG in Frankfurt says that it was very important for T-Mobile to win this ruling since, "Exclusivity is the key to a product like the iPhone because Deutsche Telekom’s business model is to sell it at an unsubsidized retail price.”

The initial court order of Nov 21 has been lifted as well as the EU999 unrestricted sale of iPhone  units.  iPhones will now only be available through T-Mobile with a EU399 price tag and a 2-year locked in contract.  However, after 2 years, the iPone may be unlocked and used for other networks.

T-Mobile spokesman Klaus Czerwinski said after the ruling, "From the beginning we were very convinced that this was an offer that’s absolutely fine from the legal side, and a really good offer for the customer."

Vodafone, has been given a month to study and reappeal the new ruling. Jens Kuerten, spokesman for Vodafone said, "These sales terms are to the detriment of consumers and we wanted a court to review them."

Back in November, I was hoping that the iPhone in Germany could follow in the steps of the French where the law prohibits the exclusive distribution rights.  Sadly, German law does not state the same thing.  Anyway, there will be another update to this issue in a month since I don’t suspect that Vodafone would give up so easily.