Opera Files Antitrust Suit Agains Microsoft IE in The EU

December 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

opera software

Opera has filed an antitrust law suit against Microsoft in the European Union.  According to Opera , Microsoft is making it difficult for other browsers to reach the market by bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows OS.

Opera is known to make their products for all devices, meaning they make their software compatible with any OS, desktop or mobile. According to the antitrust charge they filed, Microsoft is abusing their dominant position by hindering interoperability of competing software specifically Opera browser.  The bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows according to the suit is unfair for smaller players.

The plaintiff, Opera Software ASA, demands that Microsoft  unbundle IE from Windows and that Microsoft start using widely accepted open Web standards.

This suit is not the first time a smaller company complained about a dominant company about "monopolizing" and sidelining other players to use the platform.  More often than not, the courts rule with the bigger company.  There may be a pretty good reason for that since the software is property of the company and they can choose which software they’d like to run on their platform.  For sure, Apple is adamant about keeping it this way.  However, there are some countries where software laws lean in favor of the open standards and it seems that that is going to be the trend in the next few years. 

Regardless, this antitrust suit is going to be a battle between Opera and Microsoft.  Nobody really knows how it’s going to end up but I’m sure it’s going to be a soap opera.