TV Links is Back!

January 2nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

TV-Links shut down last October after autorities raided their office and arrested its founder.

They made no announcement anywhere but by word of mouth, we finally got the news and it made out new year great!  We know that they’ve been raided, their servers have been confiscated, their founder arrested and their URL pointed to nothing.

As of writing, TV-Links is now again available in all their glory for freeloaders and lovers of free stuff.  They are now  accessible via another URL, not much different that the previous one,  Now, if the FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) is smart enough, they probably know this as well but apparently .cc is not based in UK so it may take a while for the FACT to cross borders.

Again, we don’t know the legal status of TV-Links and honesly we really do not care.  All we know is that we’re happy that 2008 will save us a lot of movie tickets and DVD rentals.

Congratulations to TV-Links and to the authorities trying to shut them down.. suckers!