China to Control Video Hosting Sites in Their Country

January 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am


It’s hard to say that the Chinese government is strict regarding their laws.  For one thing, major piracy of all goods including internet and electronics can be found in China.

It’s been a buzz that China was also implementing strict regulations regarding the internet consumption of its population but with more than a billion people, that’s just wishful thinking.  Still, China persists to exert control and their cyber policing efforts have always made it on the news.

This year, China will be implementing yet another set of strict regulations governing video hosting sites.  Effective January 31, video hosting sites or any site that allows users to upload video content will be required to have a permit and be either state-owned or state controlled.  These permits will be renewable every 3 years.

the new regulations will disallow users from uploading videos that will be harmful to China, China’s reputation, pornography or any kind of video that will disrupt the social stability of the country.  All content that fit these descriptions must be reported to the authorities and deleted.

The international community is also concerned with these new regulations especially video sharing sites.  China is the 2nd largest internet consuming nation on Earth and should the Chinese be able only to access the state controlled or state owned video hosting sites, it would make a dent on their revenues. 

[via TechCrunch