Google Presentations Are Now Embeddable Widgets

January 7th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google docs logo

Google Docs in 2007 along with Zoho and other online office suite providers ganged up on the market leader microsoft Office by providing office suites online for free.   This 2008, Google takes a leap forward and leaves the pack behind by offering embedable widgets for it’s Presentations.

Youtube and video sharing sites have succeeded in taking over the web with the feature of easily embedding themselves in any web site.  If it weren’t for this feature, YouTube would be half it’s size and fame today.  Embedding content around the web gives users the power to have a richer media experience on the internet and makes data hosts useful.  Now that Google Docs made their presentations embeddable, they could compete with Slide but for more serious content.

docs embed

The embeddable player is much like the Youtube player.  There is virtually no hassle putting it in a blog or website since the code is provided and the can be pasted anywhere in the code.

However, the ability to embed is still not enough to topple over MS Powerpoint as the king of presentations.  It’s possible that Microsoft will also be releasing this feature but more importantly, Powerpoint is still more versatile when it comes to  creating presentations per se.  Google Docs is more streamlined and lacks professional look and feel in its animations and templates.

Regardless to say, Google has again blazed a trail for many to follow.