Yahoo Announces Life!

January 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

jerry yang

The "most essential starting point in your life," as simply put buy Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang, will be the new Yahoo Life!

CES 2008 in Las Vegas is one of the events the world expects new stuff to be announced just like we held our breaths last year during MacWorld.  This year, Bill Gate’s keynote speech was uneventful and left us nothing to be excited about.  Well, not as excited to see what Yahoo has up theri sleeves.  Jerry Yang’s keynote on the other hand announced Yahoo’s revamp this year.

Last year wasn’t much for Yahoo and we;ve seen them shut down some of their services and acquire some new ones but not actually improve or shell out something new to woo us back to their portal home page.  This year though, Yahoo Life! just might put Yahoo back on top.

Yahoo Life! is planned to be a portal page that integrates social networking, widgets and mobile.  Basically, it’s a whole new Yahoo portal.  If you recall, before the rise of Google and  Yahoo was the the best place to start on the web.  Today however we have allsorts of aggregators and google to start our web experience.  Yahoo Life! plans to bring back the good ol’ days of Yahoo up front.

First of all, E-mail integration.  Instead of the search engine being the star of the portal, e-mail will be the key.  This is a good move since mostly everyone has a Yahoo Mail Account.  Yahoo will be using their newly acquired Zimbra as the backbone of their email service.  Zimbra is especially useful for mashups which will be the cutting edge of Yahoo Life!

yahoo life

Secondly, social networking.  With the email in place, Yahoo Life! will mash in social networking features using the email accounts which already exist.  Users will now be able to see updats on tehir contacts and interact with them like in a social network. 

Dan Farber reports:

"Yahoo Mail (communication services) serves as the hub, but the interface also includes third-party applications and social context. Connections are contacts, and based on frequency and volume of communications email is reordered on the strength of the connections. The page also includes updates from connections, showing what is relevant rather than just relatively static inbox."

Third: Mobile.  Mobile services are maturing and Yahoo Life! wil be ready for it.  Yahoo Go 3.0 will be Yahoo’s new mobile platform which will be compatible with mor than 250 handsets.  Go 3.0 will feature optimized Yahoo widgets for mail, Flickr, and other Yahoo products.  Basically everything you’ll need on a mobile. 

This is impressive of Yahoo and I am actually excited to see them revamp their portal with these features. 

There is no question if Yahoo has the products to put in their portal becasue they already do and what set them back in 2007 was merely the packaging.  Now, with these announcements, Yahoo Life! looks to be the way to go.