FCC to Fine Comcast for Non-Net-Neutral Practices

January 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

The FCC may fine broadband provider Comcast a hefty sum of $1.77 Trillion for non-net-neutral practices.

The Commission is now investigating into the matter following a previous investigation into Comcast’s services by the Associated Press. Lasy year, the AP concluded that Comcast was hindering file sharing by some subscribers. Programs like BitTorrent were blocked by Comcast servers in some cases which violate FCC regulations.

Of course, Comcast denied the allegations. However, they also agreed that they were simply delaying some traffice between computers that shared files over their network. This practice they said was necessary to improve the surfing experience of most of their users.

This practice by Comcast however "noble" is against the FCC’s regulations on net-neutrality which basically say that the broaband provider cannot interfere with the kind of data its subscribers are using. By "delaying" traffic of file-sharing users, is like racial discrimination of data and should not be allowed.

Following the investigation of the Associatd press, a coalition of consumer groups and legal scholars have asked the FCC to stop Comcast from discriminating file-sharing traffic and also the Comcast be fined $195000 per affected subscriber.

Let’s just say the about 9.1 million subscribers have been affected by the non-net-neutral pratice. With that amount of subscribers affected, Comcast may be fined some $1.77 trillion!