Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld 2008, Not Impressive as Anticipated

January 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Last year I was easily better informed, it was as if everywhere I looked on the web Steve Jobs’ speech was anticipated, publicized and hyped.   Last year, Steve Jobs released the iPhone and the world waited and gasped.

Macworld 2008. Oh?  That was today?  Sure, there were announcements and some articles in the news about Jobs’ keynote or the Stevenote.  But it was not as loud as the hype the iPhone brought last year.  Anyway, Steve Jobs’ delivered his keynote speech this morning and here’s what he had to say, in a nutshell.

1.  iTunes movie rentals go live today.  we previously reported that Apple signed a deal with Fox for movie rentals on iTunes.  Today, that has become reality.  Here’s what ReadWriteWeb had to say: "The iTunes Movie Rental store launches today in the US (later this year for the rest of the world), with rentals costing $3.99 for new releases, and $2.99 for library titles. Renters have 30 days to begin watching a movie, and then 24 hours to finish watching it once they do."

2.   MacBook Air.  The thinnest notebook in the world. " 0.16" (at its thinnest end, 0.76" at the thickest), the 3 lbs. Macbook Air sports a 13.3" LED backlit screen, 1.6-1.8 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 80 GB HD (64 GB SSD option), 802.11n + Bluetooth 2.1/EDR, a reported battery life of 5 hours, and no optical drive. " Oh yeah, it’s got a multi-touch pad too.

3.  iPhone/iPod Apps and Time Capsule.  New apps are available as a free software update for iPhone users. The iPod Touch also got some love with the announcement of five new applications: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather, and Notes. Inexplicably, while the iPhone gets a free update, the iPod apps (which already exist on the iPhone) will cost users $19.99.

And it was over.

A piece of interesting info, During the keynote, Apple’s stocks fell $9.  Ouch.

[via Read/Write Web. ]