Facebook Is Investigated for Privacy Issues

January 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Following a complaint filed by a British user, Facebook will be going under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s office in the UK.  The complainant  said that he was unable to completely delete his account and the legality of this is being questioned.

Facebook released a statement saying "We take the concerns of the ICO [Information Commissioner’s Office] and our user’s privacy very seriously and are committed to working with the ICO to maintain a trusted environment for all Facebook users and ensure compliance with UK law."

However, information of users upon deactivation of their accounts are still kept in Facebook servers.   Facebook claims that even if the information is in their servers, they do not use this information.

The concerns of the ICO were voiced out by their Senior Data Protection Manager Dave Evans, "One of the things that we’re concerned about is that if the onus is entirely on the individual to delete their data." on BBC radio.

ALthough Facebook is not based in the UK, the ICO claims that "They (Facebook) are established in the UK for UK legislation to cover their activities." 

The investigation into the matter will still be scheduled but as of now there are no serious charges.  The ICO will be merely having an inquiry as to what happens to users’ data when accounts are deactivated. 

[via BBC