Nokia to Invest in Facebook

January 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am



Nokia and Facebook are in talks to put the social network on the handsets of the Finnish company.  According to paidContent , putting a Facebook button on Nokia handsets may be as prominent as the YouTube button on the iPhone.  Basically that’s the gist of the deal.

A senior officer at nokia said, "There is talk of a partnership in the works… it’s safe to say we’re testing the waters and things still have to be worked out." 

However, the deal is in its very early stages.  This deal, if it pushes through, will give Facebook unprecedented distribution since Nokia is still the largest mobile phone maker.

These talks also seem to be in the same direction as the acquisitions Nokia has made in 2007.  It may be that Nokia is planning to make an iPhone killer which will feature maps, as explained by the NavTeq acquisition and also file sharing, media sharing, and mobile advertising.  These features are in conjunction with the acquisitions of Avvenu, Twango and Enpocket respectively.  So if the deal with Facebook does materialize, thennokia will have their social networking button on their handsets.