In a Nutshell: Southwest Airlines to Test In-Flight Wifi Access

January 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines today announced that they will be conducting tests for their in-flight internet access.

Unlike JetBlue, which provides in-flight internet access on Delta, Southwest will be working with Row44 that in contrast to JetBlue,  uses satellite delivered Wi-fi instead of ground based towers.  Row44 is also the in-flight entertainment and mobile phone provider of Southwest Airlines.

According to Southwest Airlines, the in-flight Wi-Fi  will not be available until this coming summer since they will still be testing the system.  Furthermore, no other additional information was given.

These tests of satellite delivered Wi-Fi is a huge step for the airline industry.  Internet connectivity in the air is the trend and future of airlines today especially as a feature for their business class customers. 

Southwest Airlines could attract a significant portion of the business class market once they’ve successfully deployed their in-flight Wi-Fi.  When these trials are complete, expect all other major airlines to provide the same service.