Google Celebrates Lego Anniversary

January 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Google lego anniversary logo

Isn’t it just great when you turn on your browser and see something out of the ordinary from Google?  Sure, we know that Google makes specialized logos for holidays or events.  But today, I guess it’s one of the most memorable for me, a Lego logo.

I’m probably one of those kids that grew up with Lego blocks around the house and man, I really enjoyed those toys.  So I guess it stuck on me and struck me when I saw something familiar on the Google home page

Anyway, today is Lego’s 50th anniversary.  Though not exactly the  date the company Lego was coined, today marks the 50th year the Lego plastic brick we all know today got patented.

Here’s some facts on the Lego company, "1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, master carpenter and joiner, establishes his business in the village of Billund, Denmark. His firm manufactures stepladders, ironing boards, stools and wooden toys. His son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, starts working in the business at the age of 12." And a glimpse of their history .

Exactly why Google celebrated this date has not been disclosed.  Rumors are going around that Google and Lego might be in a some kind of partnership but I’ll have to agree with the people at Mashable who figure that the guys at Google simply love Lego.  Why not?