Google Finally Acquires The 700Mhz Spectrum

January 31st, 2008 at 12:00 am

Google logo

After a long and expensive week of bidding, Google has finally acquired the 700Mhz spectrum from the FCC auction.

"A bid of $4.7 billion this morning for the most valuable group of wireless licenses in the Federal Communications Commission auction for 700Mhz spectrum pushed the price over the minimum price the government set. That means that the government is likely to receive over $12 billion for the block of spectrum that is being abandoned next year as television broadcasters move permanently to new digital frequencies. The government has said it hoped to earn at least $10 billion from the auction."

We have been tracking this story since last year when it was rumored that Google plans to conquer the mobile industry. This acquisition of the frequency will allow Google to create its own market for mobile consumers wherein they can dictate the rules and prices without Telecommunications companies getting in the way.

Google has shown a lot of interest in mobile technologies lately especially with the release of Android, their mobile OS/platform. They have also acquired other companies with mobile technology. However, Google has yet to announce their plans for tehir newly acquired frequency.

More on this as it develops.