Google Shifts Attention to The Social Graph

February 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

On the other side of the tracks away from all the fuss on the Microsoft-Yahoo offer, Google has released its Social Graph API .

The social graph is a part of the internet that contains the links between people.  These links are generated everytime we add a friend in most social networks we use and even in email.  Anyway,  until now, these links are just sitting around in cyberspace and not many have the capability to take advantage of them.

In comes Google. They have created an API that lets developers make use of the social graph for various applications.  Basically these applications will  help consumers connect with their friends on various social networks without having to start from scratch.  This means that, let’s say, my MySpace buddies can all be my Twitter buddies with an application from the Social Graph API.  Something like that.  AS of now, it’s still harrd to imagine the benefits this Social Graph API can bring so I encourage you to watch the video and get enlightened.

Here’s a primer that may also be of help.

[image credit: TechCrunch