Yahoo Says No Comment

February 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Yahoo logo

After last Friday’s excitement that got the world at the edge of their seats, Yahoo finally issued an answer, "No comment and we’ll look into it."

Many have speculated about the possible Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo, some wanted it to push through and some said otherwise. Google even issued out their analysis and commented on why they didn’t want it to happen which started an exchange of some hard wirds with Microsoft. Anyway, the facts remain, Yahoo has NOT accepted any offer from either Microsoft and the rumored Google proposition.

In Yahoo’s press room they issued out an FAQ that summarizes Yahoo’s current position which ultimately says "We’re weighing our options."

"The Yahoo! Board is undertaking a deliberate review process. They’re going to take time to thoroughly evaluate the proposal in the context of Yahoo!’s strategic plans. This will include evaluating all of the Company’s strategic alternatives – including maintaining Yahoo! as an independent company."

In a nutshell that’s it.