Analog Networks Get the Go Signal From The FCC to Shut Off

February 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Remember those big shoe boxes you used to carry around that were actually mobile phones?  Well, those were the days and as of today, the FCC has officially allowed American mobile phone carriers based on AMPS technology shut down.  In short, analog networks are going to be history.

AMPS or Advanced Mobile Phone System or as we more commonly know it, analog cell phones, are a thing of the past.  Carriers like Verizon, AllTel and AT&T have surely been dying to decommission their AMPS based networks since GSM has already taken over wireless mobile communications.  Ironically, the AMPS network was the only network to fully cover the US as compared to the mobile networks we are using today.

Analog networks started roughly about 25 years ago and in its hey day Motorola lead the pack with phones like DynaTAC and StarTAC.  It’s amazing to live through a whole generation of technology from birth to death.  Eventually our beloved iPhones and Blackberry’s will meet the same fate.