Microsoft Fined Nearly $3 Billion By The European Commission for Breaking Antitrust Laws

February 27th, 2008 at 12:00 am


We covered the last time the EU commission fined Microsoft for breaking European antitrust regulations.

Today, Microsoft did not escape their trial and punishment.  The software company was again charged on the antitrust issue regardless of Microsoft’s   today and ita allthe stud  pepper.

"The European Commision added a massive 899 million euros ($1,3 billion) to the original fine of 497 million euros ($737 million), which brings us to the whopping total of €1,35bn or $2,038bn."

Microsoft did however make some effort to be more open with their announcement last week.   Apparently this was not enough enough for the EU commission.

The EU commission said in a press conference, “We don’t want talk, we want compliance. If you cheat the rules, you will be caught.”   The commissioner Neelie Kroes also said that the most recent annoucement from Microsoft abotu being more open is already their fifth time to do so.