MyBlogLog Adds New Features to Track All Your Friends Lives

February 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

MyBlogLog, a social network for bloggers has overhauled their users’ profile pages to include aFacebook-like lifestream.

The Yahoo owned social network started as a widget and a little social network where you couldn’t do much nor told you much except who was current;y reading your blog.  Now however, they have put themselves in the lifestreaming arena along with Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter and these guys .  Basically these services (now including MyBlogLog) keep you and your friends updated on mostly everything that’s going on with you online.

The MyBlogLog feature is a whole lot similar to the Facebook NewsFeed.  However, unlike  Facebook, MyBlogLog includes updates from various social networks – blog posts, new photos, bookmarks on Delicious, Facebook updates, Twitter updates, etc.

This kind of lifestreaming isn’t new with about every other social network adapting the same concept.  On the other hand, MyBlogLog has made a huge step implementing this service from there old bland and full of potential service which by the way has a very strong user base. 

Images courtesy of Read/Write Web