Google Gears, Now Available On Mobiles

March 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

In the headlines today is Google Gears goes mobile.  That’s right, Google Gears, the service that allows us to fire up our online services like Zoho while offline is now optimized for mobile use.

Windows Mobile 5 and 6 powered phones with PocketIE are now able to use Google Gears and access Zoho and Buxfer while not being connected to the internet.   This is the first version of Google Gears mobile and will soon be supporting other browsers like Safari, Opera Mini and other mobile web browsers.

The amazing thing is, this mobile step of Google has nothing to do with their upcoming mobile platform Android.  This means Google will again do  what they are good at doing, create a greatservice, dominate the market, then monopolize with their own platform.

Google Gears for mobile launched with partners Zoho and Buxfer as their initial offline services.  Zoho Writer on gears will now be able to run and read documents while editting is still on the way.  Buxfer, available on , will allow users to read only their bank statements. 

This is probably the best use of Google Gears so far.  Sure it has been available for computers for quite some time but when would you actually be disconnected from the internet while using your desktop?  Google was keen  to identify that the mobile phone was more disconnected than the computer and wouldneed Google Gears more.