Microsoft Releases Beta of Internet Explorer 8

March 6th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Internet Explorer 8

It’s finally here.  Internet Explorer 8 was launched in to Beta 1 this morning at the MiX08 conference.

IE8 is an upgrade to the current stable version IE7 and will as they’ve demonstrated, be as good as their competitor Mozilla Firefox 2.  IE6 and IE7 had a lot of issues when it came to Web2.0 technologies which led to the rise of Firefox as the choice browser.  However, Microsoft wishes to reclaim the throne with IE8 by fixing the problems they had with IE7 and optimizing the browser for the biggest websites and social networks.

A new feature includes "WebSlices" which update only selected parts of web sites.  For starters, IE8 has been integrated with Facebook, eBay, Me.dium, and Live Maps for this new feature.

Probably the biggest challenge for Microsoft this time around was opening up and complying to new open web standards brought about by the Web2.0 revolution.  The main factor why Firefox took the lead was because of these open standards which made them the perfect browser.  LEarning from their mistake, IE8 has now measured up to the standards.  IE8 now completely supports CSS 2.1 and AJAX. 

However, IE8 has not much innovation.  Unlike Firefox which always comes up with new ideas to make browsing more efficient, IE8 hasn’t really come up with anything brilliant liek the tabbed browsing introduced by FF.  On the bright side, IE8 has also opened up an SDK to developers which hopefully will build a community around the browser and tweak the hell out of it.