Youtube Killer Finally Opens Its Doors to The World Tomorrow

March 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Dubbed Clown Co. when it was first rumored, Hulu has been many things since way before it was being planned. Online Videos have been the "new media" ever since YouTube was acquired by Google by more than a billion dollars which naturally became the talk of the town for quite sometime and has become the benchmark of all startup acquisitions.

With Google nursing its baby YouTube into a money making machine, many large and small companies alike went in search of the video sharing site’s kryptonite. And indeed they’ve found it. Lawsuit after lawsuit, Youtube suffered countless complaints regarding content that was illegally put o their servers. Only after so many lawsuits did YouTube strictly enforce and police their content against copyright infringement. Basically, copyright was its kryptonite.

NBC Universal then came up with the idea of Hulu. Of course then it had no name but it was an idea exploiting the weakness Google’s Youtube had. Unlike Googe, NBC Universal did have their own content and did not need users ripping copyright stuff and posting it on YouTube. All NBC Universal needed was a video sharing site of their own where they could control their own copyright content. And so nearly five months ago Hulu went into private beta.

After the world was unable to watch their TV shows ripped and uploaded on YouTube and all other video sharing sites due to the harsh copyright laws, Hulu promised a service that allowed high quality videos of TV shows and other copyright-protected content.

However, Hulu hit a rough start, Their beta launch was delayed and the initial content was not enough. Another problem was the regional availability of the content. Hulu failed to remember that the internet is a worldwide thing and that keeping users from other countries out of the loop was a bummer.

Today, they announced that their doors will be open to the world tomorrow. No details were said but the world is on its heels. Here at TechJournal, we’ve had the oppurtunity to test drive Hulu and sure enough it’s a great site and the content is superb. However, we also hope that it will meet our higher expectations once they go public tomorrow night.