Facebook IM, Coming Really Soon

March 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Yesterday, AOL purchased the social network Bebo with plans to marry it with AIM.  Today, it seems that social nwtork + IM is becoming the trend.  Facebook is working on an instant messaging service that they will be integrating on their site (of course).

Basically, the IM service built into Facebook will allow users to chat with their friends without leaving Facebook or opening another application.  This is not entirely new, Social IM already tried this as a cross platform service but has failed to penetrate the market probably because you still had to go to the Social IM website and configure your social network to work with it (not too hard to do but still an extra step).  MySpace also has a similar service MySpace IM.

The Facebook IM offers quite the same service as MySpace but given that more people do use Facebook, it might be possible that this IM service might make a bigger dent.

Rumors say that Facebook IM will be made on the Jabber open source platform.  This architecture will also allow the service to be integrated into other IM clients like Trillian and possibly Meebo.

Reports also say that Facebook IM may be coming on live sometime next week.  We’ll definitely watch out for that.