Facebook Chat Has Landed

April 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

Facabook chat

Facebook has announced their upcoming IM service last month with no definite release date. Today however, the Facebook chat service has finally landed on user profiles and it’s great.

The news comes not from any official press release or blog entry but from actual use. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that users will start tinkering with the new service as soon as it went live and true enough, after leaving my PC on while out for dinner, I come back to a mess on the browser page where Facebook used to be.

Facebook chat it great! Interface is clean, response time is fast and it cuts the time down to check out the IM details of the friends you want to chat with. Moreover there is no need to launch the IM service because it actively resides at the bottom of the Facebook page.

If anything, it reminds us greatly of Gtalk which resides in Gmail. It is not clear too if Facebook will be making a desktop client for their IM service. We hope they will, just for the kicks of it.