Cuban Bloggers Give Inside Access

April 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Cuba Flag

When Fidel Castro stepped down as president of the communist state of Cuba, his brotehr Raul took the helm. As part of the new leadership, Cubans are now allowed to own computers but internet access is still controlled.

The internet control however is not as absolute as North Korea but more stringent than China. This means that there is a huge black market and many bootlegging allowing Cuban bloggers to show the world what’s going on inside Cubans’ lives.

There are already a couple of blogs from Cuban authors making their way into the mainstream and gaining a lot of international support. One of these blogs is Generacion Y . The blog already has more than a million hit, mostly from abroad and has begun to get the attention of the Cuban government.

Authors of Cuban blogs including Generacion Y do not have the luxury most of the free world bloggers have. In their case, they have to smuggle out their posts via internet connections from tourist hotels or black market dial up connections.

The blogs don’t all bash the Cuban government. Yes, there is some criticizing but mostly the content leans towards passive and nonviolent activism. No topic is spared too, bloggers have tackled even the issue of Fidel Castro, a very delicate matter which could lead to arrest, detention without trial or just plain assasination by the government.

Apparently, there isn’t much fear for the bloggers. On Generacion Y, the author proudly displays her face and real name on the front page. She also claims that she’s got fans locally, meaning internet connections are more widespread than the government assumes.

The Cuban government however has been hush hush about its stand on this virtual freedom of speech. So far, no arrest of bloggers have been reported.