Saudi Blogger Released After Four Months of Detention

April 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

saudi blogger

We reported back in January that a Saudi blogger was arrested for being a vocal activist in a country that forbids it.

Last saturday, after four months in captivity, Fouad al-Farhan has been released.  Reasons for the detention nor the release have not been revealed but the Saudi government only said that the blogger was arrested "because he violated the regulations of the kingdom."

Farhan did not comment much nor complain about his predicament and when released only said that he was "fairly treated."   He also said, apparently gladly, "I will be blogging soon."

Whether or not Farhan was punished or mistreated, we will never know.  The Saudi government is an absolute monarchy that restricts freedoms of the press, speech, and assembly.  So what happened in prison may be perceived as a duty to the King.

Farhan did stir up some dust when he was arrested and his supporters, put up a site to appeal his release, Free Fouad site.   According to site, Farhan is the "godfather" of Saudi blogging. "He was among the first Saudis to blog under his real name and has been an outspoken voice for nonviolent reform," the site states.

Farhan’s site however has been blocked a month prior to his release so where we will find his new blog is not yet known.