Jahjah Integrates with Yahoo

April 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

jahjah logo

Jahjah has just landed a deal with Yahoo which will integrate Jahjahs telephony service into Y!Messenger.

Duncan Riley of TechCrunch reports:

"Under the deal, JAJAH will provide its proprietary telephony infrastructure, payment processing, and customer care to Yahoo Messenger users using the platform for receiving calls from the PSTN network, or for making calls to land lines and mobile phones."

Jahjah is a VoIP service provider with more than 10 million users. they hace already mashed with a number of social applications where they provide free and paid voice calls. This latest tie up with Yahoo increases Jahjah users ten fold with 97 million Y!Messenger users.

Mashable reports:

"There aren’t too many details on how Yahoo will be incorporating the telephony services into its large umbrella, but Jajah offers things like SMS, payments, fraud detection and IVR, so there are a great number of ways in which Yahoo could layer in Jajah’s new Managed Services into some of its own applications, sites and tools."

How ever Jahjah and Yahoo will mesh together their services, its a huge jackpot for Jahjah, Yahoo being their first US-based partner.