Associated Press Comes to iPhone

May 5th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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The Asssociated Press (AP) has launched a iPhone based web service that allows users to receive AP news and subscriptions on their iPhones.

The Associated Press and more than 100 of its member newspapers are launching a service Monday that will make news stories available on Apple Inc.‘s iPhone and other mobile devices.

The Mobile News Network service of the AP has been announced in theirApril 14 meeting in Washingto. AP’s president and chief executive, Tom Curley, said then that six newspaper companies were working to help develop the new service.

Companies that help connect advertisers with networks of Web sites will be among the sellers of ads for the new service and will share revenues with the news providers.

The service will deliver local news from participating member newspapers and national and international news from AP. The reports will be organized by ZIP code.

Nothing’s news about a news service coming to a mobile device and especially not the iPhone.  However, even Google and Yahoo were taken by surprise by AP’s new strategy.  With more than a hundred news paper members, the AP will be delivering targetted local news to its mobile subscribers.

Apple Inc, has nothing to do with the new product and has published a how-to guide to help users use the new web app.

[via AP