T-Mobile Launches US 3G Network in NYC

May 5th, 2008 at 12:00 am


T-mobile has finally launched their 3G network in the US.  Coming in behind the big 3 mobile providers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint who already have active 3G networks in the states.

The entry of T-mobile however will be rocking the boat for the big three.  T-mobile is known for its very affordable voice plans and when they released those, the big three had to improve their rates to compete with T-mobile.

For now, the new UMTS/HSDPA network is available only in New York, but there are plans to roll out the network in other cities later this year. The company is being vague about in which cities it will launch the network. There are four handsets that can be used with this network: Nokia 3555, Nokia 6263, Samsung t819 and Samsung t639.

Not much for now but its a start.  T-mobile has already acquired $4.2 billion worth of AWS spectrum which allows them easier future growth and spread throughout the entire USA. T-Mo’s AWS runs between 1.7 ad 2.1 Ghz, which make them more flexible and probably cheaper.