Duncan Riley Leaves TechCrunch

May 6th, 2008 at 12:00 am

duncan riley

Michael Arrington reported yesterday that his blog network TechCrunch will be losing one of their best writers today.  Sure enough, Duncan Riley, Techcrunch’s most prolific writer signed off from Techcrunch with his last post announcing his intentions and gratitude.

"This is my last post at TechCrunch as a full time writer (I may yet do the occasional guest post). It’s exactly 12 months to the day since I started writing here and the date seemed like a good time to go. I won’t bore you with a self indulgent retrospective; if you are interested in my reasons and thoughts I did a podcast with my old site The Blog Herald yesterday – listen to here."

Apparently, Riley will be starting and heading his own blog network called the Inquisitr

"The idea for The Inquisitr honestly comes from a combination of things I like to read. Having covered, or worked in the blogging/ Web 2.0 space since 2002-03, tech is a given for me. Pop culture may seem a little strange, but I became hooked during my time working with b5media. I still read Perez Hilton daily (yes, I know that sounds strange) and I like a good dose of pop culture with a little bit of snark, opinion and good looking celeb pictures thrown in for good measure. The odd/ funny side (we’re calling it odd, but funny works) brings in my love of sites such as Fark, The Onion and Something Awful." 

Michael Arrington, Riley’s boss at TechCrunch wasn’t even at all pissed.  In fact, he was glad and proud that one of his own was going to compete with TechCrunch.  Unlike the time when Facebook went for one of Arrington’s engineers, Arrington simply flipped.