Round the Clock Acquisitions: May 07, 2008

May 7th, 2008 at 12:00 am


It’s been a long time since we did this but we got a handful today.  I actually spoke to a startup today wherein we discussed the importance of funding and how much startups  burn through wads of cash waiting for that one hit wonder that gives them both credibility and viability.  Well, I guess that’s no problem for these guys who have clearly passed that mark.


Spot Runner, a company which provides television ad spots for small-to medium-sized businesses with stock video footage and other custom options, has raised another mountain of cash. They’re announcing tonight that they’ve raise $51 million more.  This time the funding comes from Daily Mail and General Trust, Grupo Televisa, Legg Mason Capital and Groupe Arnault.

The videos on Fora.TV come from speeches given by intellectuals and business people. It competes with Big Think, which has a slightly different format.

Will Hearst and Adobe Ventures believe in it enough to put another $2 million into Fora.TV, along with some other unnamed investors. Together, with the $2 million in seed capital they invested last October, the company is counting the total as a $4 million A round. Back in October, CEO Brian Gruber told me that he was hoping to close an additional $5 million in an A round by the end of January. It is now three months later, and Gruber appears to be $3 million short.

Sprint and Clearwire to Combine WiMAX Businesses, Creating a New Mobile Broadband Company.

Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks to Invest $3.2 Billion in Combined Company, at Target Price of $20.00 per Share.


Finally it ahs happenedm the Sprint and Clearwire WiMax network.  With the infusion of $3.2 billion from the industry’s biggest names, will speculations of the venture falling apart and genearally failing, come true? 

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