Google Streetview Foiled by Plastic Bag

May 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Privacy groups and advocates just got a powerful and unknowing hero, a plastic bag (bound for the trash).  Many people have contested the legality of Google Maps’ Streetview.  Some people do find it great and ok but others have complained that Google was violating people’s privacy when pictures of them appear on Google Maps.

Still, no court order nor injunction is stopping Google from driving their van and taking pictures of streets all around the US,  and privacy advocates just can’t do anything about it.

A plastic bag however may have just presented a solution for the advocates.

streetview plastic

A block of College Road in Fairbanks, Alaska, along with portions of Minnie St. and Third St. show what a driver would see only if wearing a plastic bag on his or her head.  [CNET]

This may be an easy way to stop Google’s billion-dollar engine from exploiting citizens’ privacies once and for all.  Let’s just hope a bag or something gets stuck in front of the camera everytime.