Facebook to Lift 5000-Friend Limit

May 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Facebook will soon be removing the 5000-friends-only-limit restriction on their social network.

There have always been  rumors as to why the limit exists.   Facebook claims that anybody would at least have a maximum of friends and 5000 "real" friends is actually pushing it.  Meaning they did not expect any real person to actually know personally 5000 other individuals.

Also there’s a problem of scaling if the scenario did reach the point where everyone on Facebook had had 5000 connections.

Sources say that the scaling issue has been resolved and that the limit will be taken out real soon.

According to Facebook as well, there are only less than 1000 users 5000 friends.  Among the 1000 is tech blogger Robert Scoble who had his Facebook account suspended a couple of months ago after running a script that according to Facebook violated the EULA.  Scoble’s account has been reactivated since but the 5000 limit to date remains.

Actually, Facebook may be right about the 5000 friends limit.  but this is social networking, the definition of friend isn’t as profound as real life.