Google Releases Friend Connect

May 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google logo

Google has made a way to make almost any website a social network.    Friend  Connect , as the new service is called, allows "Users can interact with any of their friends anywhere they go on Web, and with any app."

The timing could not also be better.  Many would trhink that this relese is in response to Facebook connect and MySpace’s Data Availability .  "Unlike Facebook and MySpace, Google lacks a dominant, centralized social-networking hub. Friend Connect works the edges of the Internet, applying an open and distributed approach, and bringing a social dimension to the 99-plus percent of sites that aren’t socially enabled. "

"Friend Connect provides wizardlike pages. Webmasters just fill in the information, select social apps, copy code, paste, and save. No coding is required. It passes the ‘easy’ test, and it does something useful," Glazer said. It provides features such as user registration, invitations, member galleries, message posting, and reviews, as well as OpenSocial applications.

Friend Connect covers many of the use cases for the social Web, but a single, standard "friend" API is still lacking. [CNET]

Actually, we’re not too excitied with this piece of news.  Honestly, social networking is enough socializing for us.  Anything in excess of that is just too much to worry about anymore.