Hacker Steals 6 Million Chileans Information

May 13th, 2008 at 12:00 am

chile flag

Some interesting peice of news from South America, a hacker calling himself "Anonymous Coward" managed to steal personal information of 6 million Chileans from the Educatin Ministry, the Electoral Services, and the Military servers.

The hacking happened sometime Friday and was discovered and removed from public access Saturday. Police Chief Jaime Jara confirmed that authorities were investigating the theft of the leaked data, which he said included identity card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails and academic background.

Among the data was a list of students who receive preferential public transportation rates which included one of the two presidential daughters. The list however only contained a name, a school, and a picture.

It is not also clear if any financial or banking information wsa lost in the attack.

A local newspaper, El Mercurio reported the incident first and had access to some of the data before it was taken off the internet Saturday. They say that the hacker left a file which said his intentions: "to demonstrate how poorly protected the data in Chile is, and how nobody works to protect it." The hacker also identified himself as Anonymous Coward.

The government has been shaken by the attack and have since been on high alert and have been investigating the case. Presidential spokesperson Francisco Vidal says, "This is a serious and delicate issue."