Zoho Now Allows You to Sign in with Your Yahoo Account

May 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am


I actually discovered this last week when we were trying to use Zoho to open an MDB file.  However, I did not report it because I thought it wasn’t new, something I probably missed while on vacation.

Anyway, it’s new and it’s great.  Zoho is now allowing users to sign in their Yahoo accounts.  This is in addition to the existing feature that uses your Google account.  I find this really great because believe it or not, a senior programmer here in the office does not have his Gmail account!   So the Yahoo account came in handy.  Besides, Yahoo is still the biggest provider of free email in the world.


Now you can login to Zoho with your Google or Yahoo! accounts. Below the Zoho Sign-in section, you now have the option to login with your Google or Yahoo! accounts.

If you already have a Zoho account with your Google or Yahoo! email address, you will be logged in to the Zoho account automatically. If you do not have a Zoho account with your Google or Yahoo email address, then you have the option to either associate the Google or Yahoo email address with your existing Zoho account (under Accounts) or you can create a new one.

Apart from logging into Zoho with your existing accounts, you also have an option to import contacts from your Google and Yahoo! accounts to the Contacts section under Zoho Accounts.

This functionality is also useful for sharing documents. Now you can easily share your documents with your friends who have Google or Yahoo! accounts. They can login to Zoho with their Google or Yahoo! credentials and view shared documents without having to create new Zoho Account.

Here is a useful tip. Under http://accounts.zoho.com, if you add your Gmail and Yahoo email addresses (under ‘My Email IDs’ section) and confirm them, you’ll be able to login to your Zoho Account with either your Zoho Account, Google Account or your Yahoo! Account.

Why this move?

We obviously want many users to try out and use our applications. Apart from that, we noticed that when users try Zoho, they prefer our apps to competition. This Lifehacker poll conducted few months back for example gives you a snapshot.

There are two takeaways from the poll like the one above (and other polls we conducted).

  1. Many users don’t prefer creating yet another account for yet another online app
  2. Users prefer Zoho to Competition when they try both (In case of the above poll, around 75% prefer Zoho)