3G iPhone Release Date is Confirmed… kinda..

May 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am

3g iphone next month

It’s still not official but it’s sort of confirmed.  Reported by Gizmodo , they say that someone very, very (2 times) close to the 3G iPhone said that Steve Jobs will be officially announcing the existence of the 3G iPhone (thus confirming the rumors of the gadget) at the WWDC on June 9th.  the release will also come the next day says the source.

Well that makes sense.  Last year, the iPhone was announced January then released June, which gave consumers a lot of time to dispose of their old phones, save up and get an iPhone.  This year however,  Apple could not risk announcing the 3G version earlier because they know that that will weaken their sales until they actually release the new device.  So their strategy of announcing and releasing the 3G iPhone at the same time is the smart way to go, this way they ensure that their sales don’t go down in between the generations of the iPhone.

However, this confirmation is still technically speculation but it sure does make a lot of sense.  We can also speculate that the 3G iPhone will also launched worldwide after the announcements we’ve already heard from different carriers in Europe, Africa and Asia.