Facebook Previews Profile Redesign

May 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

faceook redesign

Facebook has redesigned its users’ profile page.  The redesign aims to do what Facebook thinks is best for its users.  According to the executives explaining the redesign to a select group of bloggers and web2.0 experts, the redesign is predicated on three things, a cleaner look and feel, more control and transparency, and  finally emphasizing relevant content.

Others put the objectives of the redesign in the perspectvie of the users:

For users: Make profiles cleaner and simpler, give users more control over their profiles, and emphasize recent and relevant information

For developers: Create more meaningful engagement with users, offer new integration points in profiles, and provide distribution for engaging applications

from the meeting called by Facebook, the preview of the new design is still clean and no customizations are allowed.  There are many similarities with iGoogle though..  The new design utilizes tabs to organize the user’s content.  This is very helpful especially since many user’s have cluttered profile pages due to excessive adding of applications.  

facebook applications tab

The new design will, according to the presentation, eliminate the clutter.  Recall that Facebook released an organizing tool for application boxes/  Apparently, this tool did not seem to fix the problem.  With the tabs, the user  has more control and more space to put his content in.

Whichever the goals are, we have yet to see this redesign sometime in June.