Google Sites Opens to The Public

May 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

google sites scrnsht

Google is announcing that their service Google Sites is now open for consumer use. A few months ago we launched Google Sites exclusively as part of Google Apps for companies and organizations that wanted to use the service on their own domains. [Official Google Blog]

Today however all that changes. Now everybody can use Google Sites with or without their own domain. Is this Geocities 2.0?

Anyway, Google sites is utterly simple. And maybe its simplicity makes it unimpressive. Anyway, getting started is easy and adding content to its already templated web pages is just like entering data in a document.

Adding pages is also done with a click of a button. As for managing user permissions and content, everything can have notifications through email. On the other hand, it can be a completely open wiki.

Google was kind enough to make a video explaining the whole thing and you can watch it here .

The official press release from Google is below:

"Now we’ve made it easy for anyone to set up a website to share all types of information — team projects, company intranets, community groups, classrooms, clubs, family updates, you name it — in one place, for a few people, a group or the world. You can securely host your own website at[your-website] and add as many pages as you like for free.

Getting started with Google Sites is easy. You can create different types of pages from scratch with the click of a button, and you can embed documents, calendars, photos, videos and gadgets directly into those pages. Similar to Google Docs, built-in editing tools allow for popular text and formatting changes to be made in a straightforward, WYSIWYG manner. Once your site is up and running, inviting people to edit or view your content is as simple as entering in their email address (of course, you can change access levels at any time). And you (or anyone who has editing privileges) can add or edit information whenever you’d like."