Yourweek: Reddit Powered TV News

May 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am


Imagine a news show where the stories come from social bookmarking and voting. Well, there are times that Digg and Reddit and Twitter have been very useful in disseminating the news.  Social Bookmarking has also put power into the hands of the masses as to what stories to read and what makes the headlines, for the web at least.  This time however, YourWeek is going on TV and its stories are from Reddit.

It’s a weekly television news program powered by you (really). Material for the show will come from hot stories on the reddit front page every week. Meta discussions about that content and the show itself will all take place at yourweek.reddit, so please submit all your wittiest and smartest comments there. And don’t worry, the pilot (and hopefully all the future shows) will be available online.

Whereas traditional television new stories end once the show airs, YourWeek — like reddit — will just be the beginning. Throughout the week you’ll be able to share your thoughts on yourweek.reddit and followup with content you think was missed or corrections that should be made.


YOUR WEEK is the beta version of a planned interactive public television and internet show from WETA Washington, D.C. and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It’s hosted by Michelle Cottle and Rich Lowry and powered by reddit (yep, that’s us). YOUR WEEK covers politics, arts, international, science, tech, social, sports, and pop culture. The Web feeds the show, the show feeds the Web, and anyone who wishes can get involved at any time to view, vote, rate, tag, comment, contribute, and learn. Visit us online at or